I was previously an offshore air diver and now I’m a trainee refrigeration engineeer. I joined Hemlow in November last year on their Career Start programme, which offers the opportunity to those not currently working in an M&E environment to retrain and become engineers. Natalie asked me for my view on the programme and how things are going.

How did you find about Hemlow and the Career Start programme?

I heard about Hemlow by word of mouth and that they were looking to offer opportunities to those currently outside the M&E industry. They sounded like an interesting company to work for and I met with the MD to discuss the possibility of developing a career on their Career Start programme.

What attracted you to Hemlow’s Career Start programme when looking for a career change?

I think what attracted me initially was that Hemlow were prepared to invest in my training and develop the skills needed to change career. Successful career changes are a lot easier when you have the right guidance and people with industry knowledge supporting and training you.

As an offshore air diver what were your main responsibilities and key skills needed? 

My role as an offshore diver included various diving tasks including welding, inspection and salvage. Health and Safety was the number one responsibility every time on each task both to myself and others.

What do you like most about your new working environment?

Sotheby’s is quite a unique environment to work in and feels like a good place to apply new knowledge while continuing to learn.

Which of the core skills required for joining the Career Start programme do you think is the most important and why?

I’d say in terms of joining the Career Start programme, being coachable is probably most important. Without an ability to learn, you’re probably not going to be effective in your job and potentially could be quite dangerous too. Being able to work safely is probably the most important bare requisite.

Where do you see yourself in 3 years time?

I’d like to continue with my training to become a fully qualified mobile engineer, working on different sites for added variety in the role.

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