Have you ever considered what the scale of disruption would be, should an emergency occur that affects the state of your building?

These are the sort of questions we believe are crucial to ask our clients. At Hemlow we offer Planned Preventative Maintenance to drastically reduce the possibility of emergencies occurring, however, we are aware that situations and events outside of our planned control can occur.

Therefore we offer our clients disaster avoidance planning for critical buildings, offering them peace of mind that should anything go wrong, there is an established plan of action in place to rectify the situation as quickly as possible.

Particularly in large commercial buildings, housing multiple businesses and tenants, critical failure of onsite services can cause disruption on a large scale. To help reduce the effects of such an event, we have recently completed an emergency plan for our client Northwood Regional UK to protect The Blade based in Reading. The Blade

Our clients had a particular vision, they wanted The Blade to be an iconic building that worked seamlessly for everybody within it. To help them achieve this we conducted an on-site survey to help understand the buildings vulnerability, identify potential threats and assess the associated impacts to their business operations.

We used a risk matrix in the assessment to grade the buildings resilience in specific areas including cooling, heating, power and fire safety and provided guidance for effective control measures.

This matrix assessment allowed us to develop a high-level mitigation strategy for the mechanical and electric services in the property. We teamed up with Carrier Rental Services and Watkins Hire to make sure we had covered all areas of eventuality.

The final delivered strategy detailed information including:

  • Delivery instructions & maps to be used for any temporary equipment that may be required
  • A schedule of equipment and entitlement of schematics and photographs
  • Contingency plan escalation procedure
  • Method statement, risk assessment, and scope of work
  • Key contact details
  • Identification of the labour required

By providing our clients with this strategy allowed them to ultimately safeguard the interests of key stakeholders as well as their reputation, brand and their legal and regulatory duties.

Make sure you are prepared, contact Hemlow today and receive a free risk mitigation report as part of our new client offering.

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