In the past five weeks we have all been pushed to the limit by focusing on maintaining social distancing, staying at home or safe in public and adapting to new ways of working and living in a ‘new’ world.

Humanity has rallied against COVID-19 and it has brought out the best in people. From the dedicated and unyielding front-line key workers to Captain Tom raising over £27 million for the NHS. Everyone is doing their bit and the famous British catch phrase of ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ has never been so poignant.

As a business we always put the health and safety of our staff and clients at the forefront of all decision making. We have provided our engineers with additional levels of PPE, adapted travelling to and from work practices and provided strict instructions for social distancing. These are but a few steps we have adapted to alleviate the exposure of our engineers to other members of the public.

Our clients have been extremely proactive in providing feedback for sites where tenants have tested positive for COVID-19 and subsequently carried out a full deep clean. Following confirmation that this has been completed and the property has been made safe, we can then instruct the engineering team to attend site to carry out all statutory maintenance in a safe environment.

As well as our front-line teams, our head office and support teams have had to move to home working. Our IT teams worked tirelessly to migrate in excess of 30 team members to home working, which included ordering new computer systems and setting these up prior to being sent to our team. Our IT successfully completed this task within one week after lockdown conditions were instructed. We have also provided some top tips to our home workers on how to remain happy and productive when working from home, including pictures of individual office set ups for inspiration.

We have worked hard to ensure the practical changes have been made to ensure the safety of #teamhemlow. However, we all know that the changes can feel slightly isolating so alongside our health and safety briefings, internal and external memos we have been working with our charity, CALM, to help in maintaining mental health across the company.

On Friday 3rd April we started our first virtual pub session where we met on Zoom to chat about not only work but family life, being invited into other peoples virtual homes and feeling like a family, all in this together (as cheesy as it sounds).

It is a difficult time and we hope that you and your families keep safe and positive in these difficult times.


#weareallinthistogether #staypositive #oneworld

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