The challenge of finding the right people with the right mix of skills and attitude to fit in at Hemlow led us to look beyond the normal channels of recruitment for M&E engineers. Earlier this year, we launched our Career Start programme, which is designed to find Trainee Engineers to meet the demands of our forecast future growth.

Jason previously worked in retail but had the core skills we look for in a Trainee Engineer. He joined Hemlow in April this year. We asked him how things were going on the programme.

Why did you make the move from retail to M&E maintenance?
I chose to take a career in M&E maintenance because I felt it would be very rewarding, especially knowing you meet the needs and expectations of clients. Also, I’m very hands-on and I feel a career in maintenance brings out many of my strengths.

How have you found the Career Start programme?

The Career Start programme is great. It’s taken me through from the Head Office induction to being assigned to the company’s Flagship division. The Trainee Engineer’s training booklet has been vital because it covers the whole range of M&E maintenance tasks and PPMs we cover on a daily basis.

Can you outline the different stages of the training process?
Induction training involved many different aspects such as condition reports, RoSPA training and assisting with ladder inspections. I then went out into the world of M&E maintenance to assist a number of different engineers at a variety of different sites. Now, having been assigned to the Flagship division, I continue to shadow and assist engineers and have regular mentor meetings with Terry my Director.

What do you see as your next career step?
My next step is to complete my Trainee Engineer’s training booklet and then start an electrical based training course.

Linda our Office Manager was instrumental in the development of the Career Start programme. She told us about the thinking behind it.
“We are passionate about our employees’ personal development and have built a culture where we invest in them. The Career Start programme was developed to give those looking for a change of career the opportunity to do so. With the extensive training programme, the right guidance and direction, they are able to work towards a long-term career path.”

Terry, our Flagship Divisional Director, describes how having a Trainee Engineer working with the Flagship team has been beneficial.
“The Hemlow Career Start programme was created to try and solve some of the skill and labour shortages within our industry. As someone who was involved with the company’s apprenticeship scheme, I’m a big fan and I’ve always enjoyed watching people develop. Jason could be a future engineer in the company so I believe that we all have a duty to offer him the best experience possible. There is an obvious benefit that Jason brings in terms of bolstering the current labour workforce by adding extra support. However the main benefit of having Jason is that it’s helping develop a culture change within the flagship region. Clients and our engineers have really embraced the Career Start programme and have shown enthusiasm and a generosity of spirit. They’ve worked out that this scheme is mutually beneficial and seriously good news for Hemlow’s short and long term future.”

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