Keeping the city safe –

It is easy to walk into work in the morning, whether it’s a recently built modern minimalistic space, or a historic building full of character, and take for granted the suitable working conditions; forgetting entirely about the work happening behind the scenes to keep that building running to standard.

Maintenance is key in making sure that all machinery and equipment is running efficiently, helping keep you warm in the harsh winter months and cool in the sudden summer heatwaves!

However, it is also so much more than this. Without PPM, otherwise known as ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance’, it is not the case that the building may just be a little warmer than preferred. Maintenance covers many different areas and is often responsible for playing a key part in protecting your health.

Take the maintenance of cooling towers for example. Primarily designed to extract heat from a building via a heat exchange method makes them the ideal environment for Legionella, a heat-loving bacteria to grow. If not maintained properly this bacteria can rapidly spread into surrounding areas via the vapor given off by the tower, which ultimately can result in a lung infection, also known as Legionnaires ‘ disease.

And it’s not just your workplace where you are at risk. These towers are found behind the scenes at a huge number of commercial properties and service providers including, schools, hotels, airports and restaurants, the list goes on!

Its ongoing importance was highlighted when extensive searches for legionella within cooling towers were conducted ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games. With thousands of additional tourists and professional athletes set to arrive and stay in the capital, inspectors visited sites across the city to review maintenance procedures and ensure any potential outbreak of the disease was prevented.

This is just one prime example of why maintenance matters and why our team at Hemlow are so passionate about ensuring its done to the highest standard. To find out more about how Hemlow could help with your maintenance needs contact one of our team on 020 8293 6606 or email

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