Recruitment is one of our industry’s biggest challenges. Finding and retaining the right engineers to maintain our growing portfolio of buildings is our number one focus right now as a business. We’ve tried the usual approaches before – job ads and recruitment agencies – but we realised that the best approach to recruitment is closer than we thought: our employees.

When the right people join Hemlow they tend to stay with us – many of our engineers and directors actually started out as Hemlow apprentices. Our team are actually the best ambassadors for Hemlow: they know what it’s like to work here; the support, training and benefits they get; and are passionate about finding more great people to ork alongside them.

It was this thinking that led to the creation of Hemlow Hub. It’s our SWAT team of five Hemlow employees – four engineers and one of our accounts team – who are leading the charge to find more people to join Team Hemlow.

The Hub started work in July this year with a coffee-fuelled planning meeting at Society M in London where they discussed the type of people Hemlow wants to attract, new ideas to recruit them, and also decided on the name ‘Hemlow Hub’.

Along with Chris Ward, Director, they’ve been working on completely transforming our careers page and approach to recruitment, including the Hub team now having initial, informal phone conversations with people interested in working with us.

You can check out the brand new careers page, which also includes profiles of some of the Hub team. Let us know what you think of it – the Hub are open to new ideas from everyone. You can find all our current opportunities on the new page too. Know anyone who might be a great fit for one of the roles? We’d love to hear from them.

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