Now, more than ever, it is crucial that businesses adapt to new ways of working for employee and public safety whilst also considering the economic impacts. At Hemlow, we understand that business as usual may not be the most effective solution when it comes to maintaining buildings. We have, therefore, adapted our service offering and specification to reduce maintenance costs whilst providing a fully compliant service.

We have put together an Interim Service Package which has a bespoke site specification that focuses on statutory maintenance and our professional guidance for asset maintenance of non-essential plant. The specification ensures building compliance and will assist in reducing the maintenance costs associated with your building.

By offering an Interim Maintenance Service we can provide:

  • A fully compliant maintenance specification for your building without risking breaches in insurance,
  • Cost savings from a reduction in services and maintenance regime
  • A bespoke package that can be supplemented with OptiMaintenance, our performance led maintenance offering that utilises sensors for remote plant monitoring. Click here to find out more about our OptiMaintenance offering


During this crisis and over the coming months we can work with you to reduce your current M&E Maintenance specification by migrating over to our Interim Maintenance Service to assist in reducing your maintenance costs. We will also provide a plan to phase the full specification back into the building over a twelve month period to further assist with budget management.


To discuss the reduction in your current specification then please contact and we will make arrangements for the review of your contract and movement to the Interim Maintenance Package.

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