Understanding how and where to maximise the energy efficiency of a building is a key consideration for anyone invested in a building’s sustainability and profitability. Knowing exactly where and when energy wastage is occurring and – crucially – how to rectify this, gives owners, agents and managers alike a powerful tool to drive cost savings and create a better building environment.

But it’s not just about buildings. It’s estimated that the built environment contributes 40% of the UK’s carbon emissions. That means our industry has an opportunity to lead the way in carbon reduction. It’s challenge and an opportunity we’re determined to meet – and to help our clients do so too.

That’s why we’ve introduced OptiMaintenance.

It’s our new service that’s helping clients fine tune the energy performance of their building or portfolio of buildings and create better buildings. OptiMaintenance is the result of our years’ of experience in helping clients create efficient, high-performing buildings plus our recent partnership with the innovative 4D Monitoring –­ pioneers of an end-to-end building monitoring system that uses sensor data to drive energy savings.

Our building expertise, combined with 4D Monitoring’s intelligent technology, means we’re able to give clients the data, insights and solutions they need to enhance their building’s energy performance. It’s something we’ve introduced to powerful effect in our own Slough office. Along with significant energy savings at sites like 8 Fenchurch Place, where we’ve been working with the client team to deliver on their energy saving strategy.

Energy management is not just something we’re talking about: the whole industry is. In fact, energy management and climate change is one of the keynote talks at IWFM’s March conference. We’re looking forward to carrying on the conversation there so do let us know if you’ll be attending. Find more info about the IWFM event including tickets here


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