Making buildings work in the 21st century with M&E maintenance requires an expert understanding of the industry’s #21stcenturyproblems. Over 21 years ago we set out to solve M&E problems that other larger companies couldn’t. 21 years later, our insight and experience means we’re able to offer more than just standard M&E maintenance – we work strategically with our clients to add value and make buildings work better for the long term.

This year, we’ve been working to provide M&E maintenance solutions that address some of industry’s biggest challenges and trends:

Optimising your building and reducing the impact of MEES
With the new MEES regulations fast approaching, we’ve been looking at how with good M&E maintenance we can optimise your building to make it not just compliant but sustainable and competitive.

Wellbeing in the Workplace
This year, one of the most talked about topics has been WELL buildings. We’ve taken time to understand our clients’ buildings, tenants and strategies. M&E maintenance can be used to create a well building and bring benefits to both tenants and landlords.

Digital technology for efficiency and productivity
There’s been a growing demand and appetite for real-time M&E maintenance reporting. For Facilities Managers, having everything at their fingertips not only saves them time, but increases efficiency and productivity. It also enables them to pick up on trends in the building, produce data, forecast future issues and budget effectively. We now offer a much more efficient electronic reporting system for M&E maintenance through
our eLogbooks CAFM system.

Business Continuity Planning
In today’s business environment, being operational at all times is critical. Failure of HVAC and other services can result in loss of revenue, damage to reputation, regulation impact and in some cases loss of life or injury. We’ll be sharing our thoughts on how we can help avoid such situations by putting procedures and plans in place in our next blog.

These are just some of the #21stcenturyproblems we’re working on right now. But we continue to watch the industry for future challenges that require ambitious new solutions from us.