Following on from our announcement at the end of last year that we were moving offices in Slough, we are pleased to say that our team are now in and settled and loving the new premises!

Employees now not only have a much bigger office, but also benefit from the new open plan working space. The office has far more natural light to brighten up the place, helping to keep employees focused as well as creating a more cheerful working environment.

Our quickly growing Helpdesk team now has their own office space where they can work efficiently, and the various new breakout spaces are great for quick, effective meetings. Having this new space has already made a big difference to the Helpdesk, as well our operational team, helping our business to run even smoother.

At Hemlow, we prioritise creating a culture that values breaks at work, and encourage employees to take them.

Therefore the office incorporates a modern kitchen and seating area where employees are able to break away from their screens, in order to recharge and come back fresh.

The move has been a really positive one for the business and has suited the needs of our ever growing team. With extra space required if necessary we are looking forward to see how the team evolves in this office in the future.

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