As we approach our seventh week in lockdown it is becoming increasingly evident that the ‘new norm’ needs some thinking about, especially when considering reintroducing the workforce back into the office environment whilst maintaining social distancing and safe working practices.

There have been a number of studies conducted on how we can social distance at work with some instances of implementation. Cushman & Wakefield have designed the ‘six-feet office concept’, which looks at keeping social distancing boundaries by using carpeted circles around workstations, hot desking, individual daily working mats, one-way walking routes and hand sanitising stations. This new innovative response to maintaining social distancing will ensure hygienic working practices for all office staff.

Another way in which companies are incorporating social distancing is by trialling shift patterns where teams take it in turns to go to the office whilst others remain at home. This will inevitably mean fewer people in the normal office environment but will undoubtedly play a part in reducing contact with others. Additional policies and features will be required to maintain health and hygiene to the teams working on site.

Maintaining cleanliness in an office through the introduction of full agile working is another way in which we can keep everyone safe. Studies have proven that assigned desk spaces are actually less hygienic than toilets, due to cleaning teams often being instructed to only clean desks if empty. Having a clear desk policy will assist in disinfecting and maintaining a hygienic desk area for your teams.

Ultimately, company policies on social distancing and how to navigate the office environment will need introducing. This can include signage for clear walking routes around the office, sanitisation stations and the constant vigilance to adhere to strict social distancing measures by your teams.

The future of offices has been questioned with the successful running and managing of business being completed remotely. However, we are social creatures and having access to an office is important. So, whilst the office environment is quieter it is a good opportunity to review your current maintenance package. Our Interim Maintenance package has seen the successful reduction in maintenance costs of between 35-60% per annum by servicing statutory and specific non-key plant assets. Included with the package is the phased reintroduction of servicing over a client led period to assist with effective budget management. To find our more about this offering and sign up for quote, click here.

Whether you are considering changing your maintenance now or in the future, Interim Maintenance can be used directly in alignment to your reintroduction of your workforce. To find out more information about Hemlow Ltd and how we can update your traditional maintenance contract contact us at

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