Here at Hemlow we strongly believe in nurturing talent and are always looking for people to develop and promote organically through our internal engineering pool. However we also know how important is it to attract new talent and skill sets into our industry M&E (Mechanical and Electrical) Services, and we hope our new Trainee Management Programme will provide the perfect opportunity to do just that!

We are looking for people with a degree or relevant NVQ with suitable literacy and numerical skills, that we can build on.

The organisation will be investing a years training programme to give the candidate a good overall knowledge of all of our departments before providing the first job posting in our new business team as an estimator of both planned maintenance contracts and large equipment replacement projects.

The career progression is there for the taking, a three year plan will be in place, with opportunities to go into Sales, Operations or Project related management roles. Hemlow is a growing company, and the market is evolving, so there are probably roles available in the future that don’t even exist in our organisation just yet!

“I look at development of staff and internal promotions as the soul of our organisation. It’s something that’s been drilled into me since I started as Sales Manager seven years ago. It’s given me great pleasure to see people in my team and across the company get promoted as we have grown from 50 to 120 staff.

Hopefully this will be a good way for us to develop more managers of the future!”

Chris Ward, Sales Director, Hemlow

Want to find out more about this opportunity? More information is available on our careers page here, apply to or directly to myself

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